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Flaired bell pants

SKU: PT80032.24
285,00 €Price
  • Introducing our High Waist Flared Bell Pants, crafted for both style and comfort from a luxurious blend of viscose, rayon, and linen.

    These pants feature a unique design with seams in the front and back positioned in the middle of the thigh, creating a bell shape that opens in the front and back. This innovative construction offers an exaggerated leg space while maintaining a slimming effect on the figure, making them both flattering and fashion-forward.

    With a high waist design, these pants elongate the silhouette and provide a comfortable fit. The zip and button closure ensures a secure closure, while the blend of materials offers a soft and breathable feel against the skin.

    Whether paired with a fitted top for a sleek and sophisticated look or with a flowing blouse for a bohemian vibe, our High Waist Flared Bell Pants are sure to elevate any ensemble with their unique silhouette and luxurious feel.

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