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the concept

gaffer tape: a strong, tough, cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties. It is used in theatre, film and television productions as well as during live performances and any other kind of stage work.



fluffy: something light, airy & soft. Two different elements combined in one. A world where hard meets soft, edgy becomes circles and every piece morphs into something else with simple adjustments.



gaffer&fluf is a melting pot of two seemingly ‘opposite’ worlds: the stable, strong and determined aspect of gaffer tape and the airy, soft and light side of dreamy fluffiness. It is a creative ying-yang that brings a balance among idiosyncratic elements and characters. It represents a universe where hard meets soft, where sharp edges melt into curves and where everything is subject to change, in the direction of the Heraclitian concept of “ta panta rei”, “everything is in flux”.

the story

Athens 2008

Athens - Greece

White Milano
Tranoi Paris
Pure London
Premium Berlin
Gallery Düsseldorf

Mediterranean Fashion Prize
Marseille 2014



the designer

Katerina Vamvaka, the fashion designer behind gaffer&fluf, has always been fascinated by strong contradictions. Her insatiable curiosity about how different geometries can interact, how new shapes can emerge from established forms, gives way to her inspiration, often enhanced by film and architecture. Katerina’s long experience as a costume designer in theater, TV, cinema and commercials brought her to a deep understanding of the singularity of each female body.


With a minimalistic approach that leaves no space for the superfluous and focuses on what women actually need to feel confident and perform at their best, Katerina creates versatile, functional, day-round style with a twist.  Each piece of clothing does not impose a character on the woman who wears it, quite the opposite: it’s every single woman who brings along the character to the clothing. High quality materials and meticulous sewing ensure the ultimate fitting, promoting femininity.


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